NGS Prologue Completion Required to "Re-Access" PSO2 Question

Hey All,

Since NGS release I have been thinking the "old game" PSO2 was unavailable because of issues or something. My ultimate plan before release was to make a completely new character for NGS that would never touch the old game. And all my existing characters would never have to touch NGS. An admitted oddity on my part of course. But has been something that working for me mentally.

After having I think reached that point in the NGS Prologue where "multiplayer" mode was enabled. After reaching Central City and talking to Crawford. Then it seemed on and around that time my new character was able to select PSO2 when starting to play at character selection. But the rest of my existing characters still can't. With the status saying they have no NGS data. Yeah, I don't want them too.. ;~~(

Break to me brutally my good people. Do I have to filthy my old characters through the NGS prologue to be able to play the "old game" a.k.a. PSO2 again? 😿

o/ =^.^=

Yes, and it stupidly sucks cause I have over 26 characters on multiple ships to do this with. I can't believe they did this.

Even worse my PSO2 is now broken as none of my menus work!!!!!! I can't even turn in Client Orders or do Urgent Quests now!!

Ok, you actually can skip the prologue on a 2nd character like you could in PSO2. Thank God.

My game menu is still broke though. Can't do any Urget Quest, CHAT or ANYTHING.

Thanks for that confirm. And even with skip.. 26 skips is still quite teh suck. My condolences on that and your old game menu woes. ;/

o/ =^.^=

I can only feel bad for the people who barely run pso2 at minimal settings on a 2013 cpu with integrated graphics and have to suffer 5 fps NGS intro just to get back to their 20 fps pso2.