NGS: Mining Nodes Not Respawning Since the 9th!

Hello I would like to report that Mining nodes across all zones of NGS are not respawning for my account! I began playing on the 9th on launch and since then obvious spawns (like the cave under the waterfall in South) have not respawned. Others in my alliance seem to have a similar problem while others are able to mine the area every day.

This is creating a serious lack of resources for a chunk of the player base and must be resolved ASAP.

Who else is not getting mining node respawns?

This bug could be affecting seafood pick ups and fruit trees as well to lesser extent or these nodes have longer cool downs than mining nodes. My testing has not encompassed other node types

Trees...trees are now doing this for me :< Half my mining nodes aren't back either as I now look at far as respawns it was already confirmed they're shared and it's upon server reset so...