Where's my closed beta rewards?

Title. >.>

Sega ate them.

7/07 for all recent campaign rewards and CBT rewards.

CBT rewards are the 21st of July, not the 7th. There is an odd stipulation that people need to log into the game with the account that their beta progress was on (or a steam/epic account linked to said account) by July 7th.

And I participated in the beta through the PC and until now nothing came. Anyone know the forecast.

@Razorracks7 When people logged in after last Tuesday's maintenance happened a bunch of people sent bug reports about not getting their CBT rewards. Enough people seem to have reported the issue that SEGA sent out a second email to people reporting the issue confirming that they were investigating it.

As a steam user, this is horrible that hundreds of CBT players would be blue balled just because they unknowingly had to log in during a certain period with their Microsoft linked account, or else their CBT participation didn't count. There was no warning or news given out. It was like a ninja-requirement they added which upset many CBT participants that won't get a CBT reward.

@Kagerisu3256 The Microsoft link account factor was part of the original announced requirements. The problem is that those with linked accounts failed to receive their rewards even when meeting all the conditions.

I dont think there a single person who has recieved all of their rewards. some maybe one reward but havent seen reports of anything beyond that.