Seeking a social alliance ship 1

I'm currently lv65/50 in this game, taking my time with it. I got experience from jp pso2, been endgame there since lv70 cap. I mostly ranger these days. I'm always willing to party up or chat with others when online. It's what makes the game fun for me. I don't require much.

Just a team willing to try the most content they can get their hands on and not be stuck to whatever gives the best loot and exp. Talks to everyone and not a select few. Outside of that, I prefer smaller teams rather than ones trying to shoot up to over 40+ members.

If anyone has a team/alliance like this, I'd love to hear from you. ^^

Hello, just started an alliance a few days ago. Mainly because a few family memebers are trying out the game. They play casually. I plan on being around awhile and would like to add/make friends who play more frequently and udeally TOGETHER. Let me know if you want to check us out. Ship 1 Alliance name is All for 1. 7 members at the moment.

I agree on the social aspect, ita been skow going for me. My invest in a keybiard. I notice most dont use their mics are akready in "chat parties" with other friends.

@Lamars1 Ah sorry for the wait, I've been all over the place. ^^ Ended up missing a few days of pso2 due to mostly rl stuff.

But yes I shall look your Alliance up when I have more free time. That's my main goal is to find a spot where people actually talk rather than just recruit this and that person to quickly up their tree and team level then have 0 to do with anyone other than perhaps their managers.

I usually like ot chat through keyboard, it makes questing a bit more fun and less stale.

@Raburesu I agree with you 100% the game is all about the social aspect I'm also looking for Alliance on ship 1 that we can hang out run missions as a team.