help me with computer stuff cuz i'm not of the race of masters

okay, well here's the dealio.. my current frankenstein pc can't run ng.. my "good" pc and my xbox1 was stolen a while back... and so this beater is the only choice i got at the moment.. soo.

(before we begin: yes i know it's old... yes i know it's laughable.. ye i know lil bimmy has a better one.. don't care.. it's slowly went from "alright" to not goot because of ish.. as i have stated in the past, i am sacrificing and being a live in care taker for a vietnam vet at the end of his days.. all he wants to do is die at home.. and i will sacrifice for his freedom to do so, just as he sacrificed for mine.. why do i bring that up? because "bro.. get the new toshiba drawers shredder 5900.. it's power is over 10000000000- you're a pleb if you don't game on this" comments are not helpful and there is an internet full of it..

what i need to know is:

i believe it's the avx thing that's causing the issue.. (i think prolly more).. as i said, i am a newb and i'm not sure what that is or how to find it.. so.... what i'mma do is share this rat rod's ish.. and someone please tell me the cheapest route to get the game going.. i can upgrade parts later, but right now.. i ain't gamin and need the shortest amount of money spent to get in game... don't care if graphics are all turned all the way down.. i just wanna get mah game on..

(one last warning.. this is literally a hand me down frankenstein after my last got stolen.. yes.. i know.. i look at this thing and sigh daily, but... it's what i gotta deal with till situations change)

mobo: asus m5a99fx pro r2.0 (an3/am3+ chipset) cpu: amd athlon ii x4 620 ram 12 gb gpu: 2x amd radeon hd 8570 (mostly cuz i didn't get the chance to fool with it when it was relevantt)

now, as i said... i know it's shyt.. i know it needs replaced..

but.. a new commp is 1k plus.. i'll go xbox first and get pc later.. but.. i think i can skirt by with a cheap cpu upgrade.. but honestly i don't know AAAANYTHING about AAAANY of that.| in fact, it took forever to figure out that avx was likely the issue,, and i looked up stuffs and i think the fx series has that.. but ionno..

so.. yeah.. that's the deal yo... how can i cheaply turn this trash heap in to a bit better trash heap and get back in the game.. cheapest possible but will spend a liiitle bit more if the performance boost is important (atgain, i don't know any of this and i don't know what to do..)

that way i can go to my uncle and explain what parts i need and how much they will be so that he can buy them (he's not gonna have much of a problem.. but i will.. i've taken pride in refusing the pay and /or depositing it back into his account when i handle the bills.. so yeah|

i thank you in advance for your hardwork cuz i've been beating my head against the wall on trying to cross reference everything while learning about it.. so i know what ask is a bit of a big ask..

but.. i can't do this on my own..

please help me get back in the game.. it's literally the "what i do while providing 24 hr care that demands i stay close to a bed ridden vet." and i would like to get that routine back with as little guilt as possible because i hate asking him for moneys, even if i know he has no problem giving.. i guess the saying "you're not helping out of the goodness of your heart if you are expecting pay or compensation.. that is a business deal instead"..

Sorry to say but i doubt you can.

Im not familiar with Radeon/ATI but i expect it to be the same as with intel. You probably need another motherboard to upgrade most things, if its too old. GPUs are very expensive too atm. Old systems reach a point where there is no way to upgrade them anymore without changing the MB. And with the new one you will probably not be able to use the old stuff, meaning have to buy everything new anyway.

Like said, im not familiar with ATI and i just checked the specs quickly. But thats the rule usually with old hardware. The test of that cpu is from 2009. No way a new gpu, ram or cpu will fit into that. And you would need a new powersupply too.

And now your at the point where you need a new case as well.

well.. as i said, i THINK, the issue is avx.. (something i learned about when this game released)..

i have googled and googkled and googled... i can't find the answers to:

how to tell what cpus have avx? are there any am3/am3+ cpus that have avx support? i have read that amd fx series support avx, and some of those are in am3/am3+ chipset, will these work? i've priced some of these (fairly haphazardly) and some are cheap.. are these viable as a "just for now" option?

i'm really a newb when it comes to pc's.. been a console player all my life.. but got a hand me down a cpl years back and have been amazed..

well.. i guess all that is left to say is:

until i can get the help i need to be able to correctly (and cheaply) upgrade what needs to be upgraded. i guess this is about as far as i ride this train.

as a person who played the ever loving crap out of pso on dc, gc, xb, and blue burst.. it was AMAZING to get to play this last year in a familiar and nostalgic. pso was my very first mmo all those years ago and still among my favorites...

but.. tho the game be goods.. it's that community that really hits different..

until the next time we can meet up for runs. good bye friends

@xAGNEx Hello, I believe that I could help you.

You say your motherboard is a M5A99FX PRO R2.0. Looking at the ASUS website, they have a list of supported processors on it.

Out of everything in that list, only some of the AMD FX processors (AM3 + ) support AVX instructions. If you want to insist on trying to use that system instead of just letting it rest in peace, then I would recommend putting in the AMD FX-8350, which was a fairly well-regarded processor during its time, and it supports AVX.

it's not so much that i insist... in fact... one could say it was insisted upon me when my apt got broken into..

this is what a buddy had laying around that he could give me until i got something better going.. problem being that shortly after i became and currently am live in 24 hour care for an elderly vet who was sent home from the v/a on hospice.. yes.. (just to clarify that isn't so much of insisting on using it but that current situation sorta demands it especially with component prices as they are, building a a whole new pc, or even purchasing a pre built is out of the question until hospice care end the way hospice care inevitably ened.. and i would purchase on of xbox variants if getting it going on this somehow is out of the question as i would hit that price point long before i would hit the "purchase new pc" price point ..

i remind you, this is purely to continue pso..

aaaaaaanyways.. lol ^^

t hank you! i'm gonna go look into that and see if that wll at least get me going..

(it would be one thing if it were just the latest version.. but.. literally could play one day.. not the next.. been debating on just going and hitting up blue burst and wallow in some nostalgia while i figure out a course of action.

again, thank you

if you just want a quick replacement thats not too expensive but can get the job dun then i would suggest a Lenovo Idea Pad 3 AMD version. if you do some digging you can find them for around $400 - $500 at walmart. the only thing is that you will want to change out the stick of ram for a 16gig stick. but for around $500 bucks youll get a good lil computer that can play most games AND you can use for work/browsing. i picked one up for when i had to go out of town for work.

just a suggestion that could be a better place holder and could be a lil cheaper option.

actually here is a link they are $450 right now