Screen Flickering bug in NGS?

I've been experiencing screen flickering in the game but I'm not sure if it's a bug or is it something with my PC?

I have noticed it as well.

Been getting it at certain points as well. I've noticed it the most when talking to a shop NPC.

Any updates on a fix? This is literally the only annoying thing in the game.

i have the same issue but only on one of my monitors. the monitor in question is a 2560x1440p 165 HZ 1 MS response freesync/Gsync this is the monitor that flickers bad with NGS. the monitor that has no flicker is a 2560x1440p 144hz 4ms response G Sync monitor. im using the 2080 Ti for reference. also to note while the game doesnt flicker on that monitor my other monitor is flickering constantly with the game open on the other monitor but the 2nd i tab out of the game the flickering stops.

This seems to only happen to me when Terrain Lighting is turned on. It could be a combination of things, but for the moment turning Terrain Lighting off eliminates the flicker. A bug fix would be preferred though!

This happens on xbox series x as well

Just confirming that I was able to "fix' this problem by turning of Terrain Lighting like DependablDragon said.