Texture bugs/low-res textures can be fixed by setting Simple Graphics to "Ultra" and restarting

SEGA's been trying to claim this is a user hardware issue, but it clearly isn't, as this fix has worked for me and a lot of other people. Some people have also fixed it by reinstalling.

Afterwards, you can change the other settings, and the textures will stay at the proper resolution. For some reason, if you set textures lower, it can permanently bug out the textures, and they won't respond to any of the texture resolution or rendering settings.


Before with "Simple Graphics" on Medium, Texture Resolution on "High" pso20210609_202604_004jpg.jpg

After with "Simple Graphics" on Ultra and Texture Resolution on "High" pso20210609_203053_000jpg.jpg

Unfortunately, the texture setting workaround is a temporarily one, as it only stick on until the game is closed. When the game is restarted, the texture bug comes back.

There's another workaround (it is also a temporarily one though), and that is to log into the PSO2 blocks first before transfer to the NGS blocks. Doing so will make the game respect the texture resolution setting, though only until the game is closed.

@Drex That is a different issue, related to the game's 3D rendering resolution. This bug specifically affects the textures.