ps02 ngs battle arena zone a pvp dedicated zone

after the aeilo zone, players should be able to teleport to another zone dedicated to pvp ( Clan And Solo Welcome )

Battle arena zone Battle Arena City

The battle arena changes venue

The Battle Arena: 09314780-8300-49d7-aff2-093521cd8fd8-image.png b8440d05-ca26-4f10-8ceb-33ed8cab69c9-image.png 6eba4b85-07ea-47ae-a38d-96ac623fef20-image.png




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PvP in pso2 was crap. If they tried to do it with NGS it'll likely be the same.

@Zeke i agree it was bad but it had its limitations due to many of the basic designs being flawed.

example single game mode ( emblems gathering )

limited classes ( braver and double saber not included along with many others )

digging for weps ( not allowing people to pick their classes)

bad map designs ( the maps are tiny and aesthetically blocks of concrete )

low frame rate ( clunky movement and slow )

1 photon arts limited ways to play ( with more photon arts the player could change play style )

1 hit pvp ( getting killed after a single hit isnt fun there no comeback )

no weapon customizations ( players couldn't equip their weapon camo )

if Ngs changed All this Ps02 mistakes in addition to new NGS quality game play pvp it would rock.

Probably not the most liked opinion. It is perfectly fine to not have e PvP with in a game. Especially if it isn't a core aspect pr if it just an after thought.

While the idea is cool'ish it will lead to unnecessary nerfs and hard ships cause x beats y and z is immortal caaue 1 2 3.

Would prefer an arena based challenge mode where two groups compete on smashing through x mobs that get stronger and stronger each wave. And the best time/score blah blah blah.