Minerals not respawning at all for me in NGS

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Amusingly, fruit can respawn without the trees showing them. Yesterday I had fun gathering fruit from visually empty trees, but pressing E will successfully gather the fruits.

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Some players have successful complete the mineral gathering dailies by doing the Stella trials in the appropriate zone.

Just spent like 2 hours trying to get this to trigger... its like a unicorn it either doesnt happen in this zone or my luck is HORRENDOUS, either way couldn't get it to spawn... even after i grabbed up like... 20-30k mesta no falling rock so don't think it spawns in south aielio.

Alliance mate discovered that its a high possibility that if you arent online when the daily reset happens, nodes wont respawn for you.

@AngryRhombus563 When is the reset? I'd like to give that a try

edit: I stopped being lazy & looked it up, 1am pst

@MILFHunter Thats actually the old reset time. Daily reset has moved 4hrs ahead to 5am PDT

@Pariah-Chan Thats not what this is about

@AngryRhombus563 i know it’s about an actual spawn issue, but if the developers are blind to the issue, don’t expect it to ever get fixed. 😞

We still need to know the actual respawn timers so we can plan our gathering runs. The daily reset is what it is, but the nodes still have to spawn at some point.

Nodes(as well as a few in the cave areas if anyone feels those will NEVER respawn again) and tree nodes reappeared for me today, though not many. I started to keep track of time of when I gathered them today and will check if they returned tomorrow.

It seems like it is either that the respawn time doesn't count time offline or that you have to be online during the daily reset not sure which it is but I think it is one of them.

@Weirdo I think they pretty narrowed it down to just needing to be online when the reset happens. Will probably mean leaving the game running for when at work/school/sleep for some to get their nodes to respawn.

I left my character online while I slept so I would be online for the reset. Woke up and went to check the various spawn locations for minerals and not a single one. I've sent multiple tickets about this issue through the contact us and have not received a single reply for any of them. They still have not acknowledged that this is even an issue. I have personally chosen to drop this game until they fix this problem.

@Pariah-Chan the one thing that they failed to take into account are diggah's side tasks and the daily mineral gathering task

4 days and checking all the spots in south aelio and nothing.

I've now missed out on 3 complete Dailies. No Seafood in North Aelio, no Minerals in South Aelio, and no Vegetables in West Aelio. I even tried leaving the game on during reset time last night to see if the South Aelio minerals would respawn, and there was still nothing. It does seem that some gathering materials do respawn randomly, and there's no real indicator as to how many or where they respawned until you search everywhere again. It also sucks when the Daily requires 10 of that gathering item, and not even a minimum of 10 respawn.

It's pretty sad that I can find all 113 Red Containers without indicators, but can't find 10 gathering items that have indicators when the task is selected.