Level and Battle Power To Access Game Features and Modes the increasing of battle power should extend to game modes to play pvp a player must be at least level 30 or specific battle power. to play this quest the party must have at least 4 players etc players shouldnt have everything unlocked from level 1. They should want to level up more to be able to play different quests and different game modes.

Login Rewards The login bonus should should be a day log ( day 300 or day 500 etc ). Rewards veteran players as they have played the longest. Example: warframes that rewards players with various cosmetics and character customizations the longer days played (The players continued service is rewarded to better rewards.) c5a64da1-3630-4837-9b2d-1e262746f2f6-image.png d01ea230-9922-4132-a038-f75a725030c8-image.png