did they fix the terrible inventory management system from PSO2 to NGS??

Hey all, Since I haven't even attempted entering the game due to the terrible servers I am asking if anyone knows if they updated the horrible, time-wasting inventory system of PSO2. I do know you can access your storage from anywhere, that's a good start. Here are my expectations:

-no more cosmetic inventory management -non-consumable cosmetics should be "stored" in the salon and accessible across all characters -don't waste my time making me find which character is holding an outfit or cast part -separating new and old body type cosmetics into separate items is a terrible design choice and makes everything harder to manage, this would be mitigated by the previously stated improvements -ideally new body type upgrades would be applied automatically and not tied to an item (similar to the WoW graphic remaster)

-shared inventory across all characters -i spent money to buy for character slots for more storage but its actually more confusing because I have no idea which character is holding which item anymore -make each character's inventory accessible across all characters -don't waste my time making me switch between characters constantly just to find a specific item

-make material storage free, its pretty much a basic feature of most games including GW2 which launched in 2012 -make inventory drag and drop like GW2 so i can actually organize my items instead of the extremely limited sorting options that are provided -basically just copy GW2 -make items that should be stackable actually stackable (green CDs, tokyo keys, etc)

There's probably a lot more wrong with the terrible inventory system that I'm forgetting. The old player shop search engine is also pretty disgusting. If you are going to refute any of these points with "this is how Sega makes their money" don't bother because its clear with the server issues that they aren't committed to funding this game on a basic level. I also still have to use the third party tweaker launcher simply to run the game so they really have no right to charge for this broken and terribly designed piece of software.

Weapon camos still take up inventory space. But all other cosmetics are consumables so I guess that's something you wanted.

@Knight-Raime So all cast parts, inner wear, outer wear and costumes are consumable now? That actually makes things a lot easier if true.

@ENERSHA420 it is but it only applies to the new cosmetics, the ones from PSO2 still fill your inventory but they raised the basic inventory in NGS so it won't affect too much

@Jamesmor sorry but thats really stupid. if they can do it for new items they can do it for old items. what a fail. they admitted the need for this change to be made but only implemented it half way. is this some sort of joke? its becoming clear that this game is a half-assed cash grab

Seems like they gave us an army of inventory capacities to compensate. There's a "Dev Team inventory"... I'm not sure that one is supposed to be there lol.

@Valinda wowww thats shabby, dev team inventory could disappear along with your items. ive already seen glitches of peoples meseta disppearing. this game has launched... right? this isnt a beta test? it should most definitely still be in beta

and like i said, more space doesnt help if i constantly have to switch between characters