I'm on a Xbox Series X and I'm still getting huge amounts of lag in combat not just in the PSE battlegrounds. I just 1v1ed a veteran Rock Bear and was still getting delay damage lag constantly. Even outside of combat the lag continues to plague me in gathering and when interacting with the vendors in town.

Just be fore launch a storm IRL fried the ONT on the outside of my house. My ISP came and fixed it but I'm worried he might have screwed something up.

Am I the only one getting this lag or are you guys getting hammered with it too?

If so then please let me know so that It's not my net.

@NekoN7Templr The lag seems to be everywhere in the game right now, for everyone, and it's probably not you. However, if you want to check your latency just to be sure, you can run the Internet Speed Test to get an idea of what your performance is like.

Generally speaking, locations that are physically furthest from you should have a result not higher than 350ms.

@Rei-Murasame I just power cycled my router/modem and that seems to have fixed it (Knocks on wood).

As for the speed test I ran it using my usual site and it seems ok. Almost 100mbps on both download and upload. So i don't think it's my net now thanks for the piece of mind.