No large window/text size setting for non 4k tv

Hi i would just like to suggest could you guys add in the large window/text settings for non 4k tvs? That way 4k tvs and non 4k tvs have the same options in that area. Thank you for taking the time to listen.

They only addded the large setting for 4Ks because it was too small for even people with glasses to read. It will likely just stay as an XBOX One X exclusive 4K feature, since it was never really added for the PC version, either.

@Ragnawind ya but even middle on a non 4k tv around 40+ inches is too small to read. if they are going to make the game too small on non 4k tvs then maybe it should just be a 4k game only cuz whats the point of playing if you cant even read or see any dialogue or icons.

But i have no doubt they will be able to fix this along with the other known issues because they care about their fanbase.

@DMAN199713 , the Window/Text Size setting is a bit misleading in how its laid out.

What actually changes between a 4K and HD display is just how small the UI can go due to the fact that the hud will, by default, try to stay within its original resolution it was designed for (1280x720). The scaling options are for making the UI bigger in comparison to the original designed resolution but NOT for scaling the UI relative to the current screen size. In terms of physical space, the "4K - Large" option on a 4K TV is the same as "Middle" on a HD TV.