Color Change not working.

So I have a color change pass and I wanted to change the color of my basewear, but whenever I try to change it at the Salon (both in NG and Base PSO2) it says I don't have the required item to change the color. I tried to check a couple of times and it was in my inventory, but it still wouldn't work. I'd apprciate if someone could help me. :c

If you're trying to change from a PSO2 body to an NGS body, it will state that it requires a Color Change pass, but it actually needs an N-Color Change Pass. You can only get an N-Color Change pass, currently, from the bonus tiers from the Soldier AC Scratch in NGS. (15 and 40 Scratches.)

I made a bug report on this:

@coldreactive I see. Well. That makes sense. Thanks for the info! 🙂 I appreciate it.