[NGS] old body/face character skin color changes from others perspective

According to twitter, Sega has acknowledged there is an issue with outfits and outerwear, so hopefully they fix it come next maintenance.

Side note: some members of my alliance made some tests on the skin problem without realizing the connection to the outerwear bug. Whats interesting is that apparently messing with the Gloss Skin setting seems to "fix it". When using outerwear or outfits, if you dont have gloss at the default setting it straight up messes with the whole skin tone. Usually, little to no gloss gets the white skin while full gloss turns you very tanned.

@tute107 Can you post a link to that tweet? The only one I could find where they mentioned Outerwear and Outfits was in regards to switching to PSO2 Blocks from NGS.

It's not in the forums. It was posted on our Alliance Discord channel by two of our members that were trying to fix the skin issue. I posted it here for awareness and was going to test it later tonight with my alliance. However, if I cannot trigger the outfit bug with the gloss setting on default, then the issue is most likely how gloss skin interacts with old outfits/outers.

@Ranshark See if you and your friend can test this as well.

@Ranshark I guess you and your friend didn't know that you could take your pso2 character into ngs without altering their look

@tute107 Anything in regards to the bulkiness of the outerwear/outfit bug? There a way to undo the incorrect body sliders?

Nothing on that, as I havent actually experienced it myself and dont know how to trigger it. Unfortunately, my alliance is small and they havent been online during my play times (timezone), so I was unable to test things out

Submit a bug report if you can. The more reports we have submitted, the more likely the issue will be handled. Getting my circle of friends to do the same.

Still no fix after maintenance. No mention of it in the bug fix report. Still no reply back from SEGA on my submitted bug report ticket on this PSO2 Outerwear/Outfit bug.

@Kiba-Miyata My report seems to have been ignored as well. I am very discouraged right now. All we can do is continue bumping these posts, as this is an ongoing problem.

Hope SEGA takes a look at this and the other thread related to this bug. (Trying to get this bumped)

Is it still an issue after maintenance? 😞

@Pariah-Chan Yeah, it is. They didn't bother to fix it.

That’s kinda sad honestly. It shows that the server is having a bad disconnect between host and client respond, Not to mention wat else the client issues could be causing behind the scenes

I am experiencing it too, I didn't even notice until my allied posted random pictures. I haven't submitted a bug report yet (is there a way to do so in game?).

But this is very disappointing; I was hoping this patch would fix it before complaining as it seemed to be known, but this is a bit insane! Half the game's incentives is cosmetics and style; but if we have no control over how our characters are designed that destroys half the experiance.

Sega really needs to prioritize this.

They replied back to me via Twitter. lol Kept posting a tweet about this bug per each recent Official PSO2 Twitter post(which was like I think 3 posts):Untitled.png