[NGS] old body/face character skin color changes from others perspective

This issue still hasn’t been fixed since this maintenance, and next maintenance was canceled... might be next month before we see this fixed. 😕

It's literally ridiculous that this has still not been fixed, after all this time. Right now we're all just in possession of tons of PSO2 outerwear fashion items that are absolutely useless because of it.

No fix for this for today's maintenance, you watch.. (8/3/2021)

seems to be in the patch notes, haven't noticed any issues so far, might be fixed

looks like switching to old ous still broken

Yups it still hasn't been fixed.

You sure? I tested a few outers and outfits with my alliance and they didnt see anything weird, except one outfit that the skin around chest was a brighter tone than face (Magia Savior). So i think it may be mostly fixed except for some specific cases

Ok, did some more testing, and the bug is partially fixed. If you equip outfit or outer manually, they work as intended. I teleported and relogged, and bug wast triggered by leaving the area of other players. However, if you load a saved look of an old pso outfit or outer, then the bug is triggered. To fix, just remove and reequip the outer/outfit manually.

In regular gameplay, that just means it still isn't fixed, then.