[NGS] old body/face character skin color changes from others perspective

Great to hear something about it! 😄

Finally they acknowledge!

It was the only way. I wasn’t getting any response back ticket-wise.

I'd prefer seeing an acknowledgement on the site alongside with every other acknowledged bug that is on there than a little winky acknowledge as a twitter reply that almost seems like it could be so you stop bugging them. (Possible very low priority fix as its caused by using old PSO2 cosmetics instead of their shiny new stuff.)

Seeing that it affects the aesthetic of their new game, I’d definitely fix it if I was them.

Imagine if the bug was everyone t posing as well? That’d be really bad publicity. XD


Alright, I finally received a response to my ticket. Response acknowledges the multiple reports about the outerwear bug and asks for time to resolve the issue. This is a step in the right direction and late response may be due to a backlog of bug reports.

I'm gonna keep bumping this and the other one to like show that it still hasn't been resolved.

Same, the fact they haven’t included this in the known bug issues report yet is unsettling.

Well that’s good, at least. I just hope when they fix it they get everything. Cause there are several components to the bug, body shapes are sometimes distorted (Larger proportions). Skin color reverts to white as a ghost. Weapon Camos not staying displayed. The way their announcement read was a bit vague in regards to the issue. Still, I’ll reserve judgement until Mid July’s fix.

Well, I didnt see anything on the patch notes, but I havent noticed bugged people since last maintenance. Can anyone confirm if this still hasnt been fixed?

@tute107 I didn’t take screenshots but my other half was having the white as a ghost skin color glitch still.

@tute107 I still see people like this whenever then they select an ensemble they created. If it's a look you've saved and you put it on, you will get that bulkiness. It also happens if you switch between type-1 to type-2 (or vice versa) bodies or NGS to PSO2. The fact that it was announced makes me happy, but I feel that they might forget something and still leave a version of the bug in.

I'm assuming they'll have the fix next week (July 21).

@tute107 I think it's been a partial fix which is why they haven't announced it being fixed (completely)

what I think happens is if you're loading into the zone the first time with a supposedly broken outfit (pre-NGS outer/outfit), it will load in fine, but if you change to a look or equip a pre-NGS outer/outfit, then it will bug, but not if you load the same outer/outfit again

as it stands, people loading in will not be bugged, but people changing outfits to bugged outfits will be bugged upon changing the outfit, and then "fixed" again if they load that same outfit

the problem still seems to be isolated to pre-NGS outer/outfits, at least from my experiences, the temporary fix on the player's side would simply be to load an outfit twice when editing it

I've also noticed that my character's body looks odd in the Preview window when trying things on that are opposite gender of my body type. I have all my character's body types desynced and edited (made my body look androgynous), but when previewing something (again the opposite gender of your current body type) my body looks like if I had "Body Auto-sync" ON.. sooo I'm not able to get an accurate look of the layered wear.

Also, if you switch from a male body type saved look to a female or vice versa, your character will look incorrectly to other people, but in a way that the game thinks you have body auto-sync ON. I wasn't pale and bulky like the regular PSO2 Outerwear/Outfit bug. I was buffed (switched from female PSO2 body to male PSO2 body), exactly how I look on Preview windows. I wasn't even wearing any PSO2 Outerwear/Outfits with that male save look.

Switching in the Salon, causes body paint to either disappear or become other body paint. You have to select your saved look twice to fix it.