[NGS] old body/face character skin color changes from others perspective

hello, me and my friend have dark skin colors, but when taking screenshots of each other's characters, they appear pale as a sheet

first example taken by me:

alt text

taken by friend using new body:

alt text

me taking a picture of my friend (me on the right) both using old face/body:

alt text

how my friend is supposed to look:

alt text

did some more testing

even body shape breaks

alt text

alt text

using NGS outfit makes my skin color consistent between both perspectives

alt text

The Devs knew about the skin color and have gave every one a salon ticket in PSO2. The converting from PSO2 model to NGS model hasn't been ideal for the most part.

@Commander-Rass There is no way that they knew this was going to happen, because there is no way that they would deliberately ship the game in this condition knowing that this was going to happen. For people who put effort into collecting and applying base PSO2 fashion, accessories, and cosmetics, it's literally unplayable right now.

@Rei-Murasame I'm saying they knew about the skin bug and they gave a free salon ticket to fix the issues.

As for the collecting fashion, accessories, and cosmetics. They reported many times that some items can't be used on NGS characters model. There was like three news posts and a video about this months ago. https://pso2.com/news/announcements/pso2ngsinformation

@Commander-Rass Re-setting things in the salon doesn't fix it, tested this last night with a few of the salon passes i'd had piled up from base PSO2. Going into the salon, changing a setting, and coming back out temporarily corrects the issue, but logging out and back on causes it to reappear.

Also just... a character using just base PSO2 layerwear rendering wildly differently on someone else's screen is completely unrelated to not being able to mix and match base PSO2 and NGS layering wear.

@Commander-Rass the visual bug is unaffected by the character data

it seems that it isn't that the character data is being changed as a result of the bug

rather, the game ignores the character data, even if it is correct

as for an update on the issue, it is most reproducible by using a pre-NGS outfit or outerwear as stated in another thread someone else posted here

not using outerwear, or using only basewear or cast parts from pre-NGS seems to show the correct skin color/body shape on load-in (not changing back after the game has already altered the character)

Checked again with a friend's help, changing stuff in salon doesn't consistently change the results, but avoiding base PSO2 outerwear/outfits seems to do so here as well.

@Commander-Rass The Salon Ticket doesn’t fix the issue. This is the second thread I’ve seen you making weird defense cases for SEGA. Are you a SEGA Employee? No? Please do kindly stop responding to Bug Report threads unless you have some actual solutions. These issues need to be addressed and actually fixed, not swept under the rug.

Bumping this. I have been struggling with this same issue. All of my body/face/accessories are from base PSO2 and is not being used in conjunction with any NGS cosmetics.

I constantly look short/pale to other players. Submitted a bug report to SEGA and am still waiting for some kind of response. This bug was not included in the list of known issues as of the 6/15 maintenance and this concerns me.

Apparently thru testing the outerwear/outfits from pso2 are to blame, I’d avoid using them until a proper fix is made

I hope they intend to fix this issue. Of course we all want other players to see our character the exact same way that we designed it.