Question about hunter class in new genesis!!

I was wondering which class would go well with hunter wether its main or sub , just trying to figure out the best mix. I dont mind having hunter in either main or sub, Im using it for the swords 🙂 but just dont know which class works well with it.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

Any suggestions?

You could go Techer/hunter to use shifta/deband and the skills that go with it whilst still being able to use your sword and all it's available skills. Alternatively if you're wanting to take advantage of things like Iron will and warcry as main skills to play with you can sub in Force to have better PP regen through it's passives and a skill that lets you tank some of your HP temp to have better pp regen.

I wouldn't recommend gunner's pp regen because those highly benefit from weapons that multi hit a lot and sword isn't really one of those. Nor is making techer a sub beneficial really ever. I don't think you'd gain any benefit from subbing ranger unless you plan on using rifle more than sword.

Multi weapon wise I don't think the sword really has any stand out ish combos. Closest I could see would maybe be rifle because of some of it's mobility. But you wouldn't get much out of the ranger sub itself. You'd probably be better off going fighter sub for twin daggers to have in air chasing and gap closing with one of the dagger specific skills. Not to mention as a fighter sub you'd also get 5% extra damage to downed enemies.

What about hunter and force? Force for the PP recovery?

Force and gunner are decent subs for those with PP management issues (why I am Force/Gunner with Rod+rifle and rifle+rod) and yeah have zero issues with PP, it is near endless and normal attacks return huge chunks.

Homing Dart spam for mobbing and trash packs, TAs for Bosses.

Works well as I get no closer than mid range and can stay a safe distance away. As well been using Techter/Ranger for the melee and Ranger resistance is nice and PA followed up with a satellite nuke and wand bust point-blank range is fun as well.

It is more what you feel is best for you. Yes there is going to be a meta. There always is. But how it is going, you can build what you want and still be productive to what ever content there is(nt) and will be coming. Those stressing over the minut numbers trying to min-max theory craft just need to releax. Wait till we get past level 20 to be trying to suggest all players need that 1% extra dps to complete average Joe solo cocoon.

So my main class is hunter sword and subclass force, which skills do you recommend i pick up from force and do I max them all the way?

@lMakavelix said in Question about hunter class in new genesis!!:

So my main class is hunter sword and subclass force, which skills do you recommend i pick up from force and do I max them all the way?

I use primarily all or have a point in all outside of Talis atm. HP/PP is a great CD to have, especially during the burst phases of bosses too keep that resource up. The other 3 net to it I would saw are aust as well the Hp/Pp talents under. And mixture of what you might need for your MultiWeapon combo.