Game is unplayable on Xbox One S

Starting from day two, I have not been able to log into NGS with my Xbox. Selecting NGS loads the usual tunnel for several seconds before crashing or freezing completely. Now old PSO2 worked fine until Sega deployed the emergency maintenance yesterday. Whatever they did there must have broken something, because I can get into the main lobby but if I try to change blocks to enter the gateship now, the game throws up an infinite loading screen or just crashes to the Xbox dashboard. I know the Xbox One family of consoles aren't exactly new anymore, but if the devs could troubleshoot potential issues here, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hey, I was trying to resolve an issue where the Xbox wasn’t going past the loading screen to NGS but worked in base PSO2. Came across this thread on a search for more info.

Posting because I was just now able to resolve it by clicking on “reset all settings” at the main menu before logging in. Hopefully this works for you or anyone else who stumbles across this with a similar issue.