New Genesis - Collect All Red Containers Quest Bugged 112/113

I have checked every region and it says that I've collected all the red containers, but my quest still says 112/113 so I can't complete it. I have also made sure to select the "collectable" tab to distinguish between datapods and red containers.

I just ran into this glitch as well. I even abandoned the quest and then re-upped the quest and it still reported as me missing one. I also completely closed the game, and hard shutdown my xbox. It still isnt working

Ran into this glitch as well. I've rechecked every red box location and none are there. I have a feeling something might have glitched because on one of the barrier protected boxes in North Aelio, I accidentally left the region before breaking it.

same here in South Aelio checked all the guides and reran it several times and nothing

I think I have experienced a similar bug. I am at 17/18 in West Aelio, but I checked every single spot and cross-referenced with all guides. Still nothing.

If your on a laggy ship or instance? Any Containers will take forever to load. Even standing next to where it spawns. I had it happen a few times.

Had the same issue after double and triple checking every region alongside some unreliable (and then thankfully a very reliable) maps. Sitting at 112/113 and yet every single collection tab for each region is showing full progress.

Hoping this’ll be acknowledged at the bare minimum, it’s very frustrating having the quest on-screen knowing it’s bugged. Even when you unfocus it just refocuses it anyway.

They have announced that they are on the fix.

This means there's some chance that they'll have some fix on this issue with the next maintenance. Aside for some very serious bugs (like the notorious N-Meseta bug), they usually won't announce about a bug unless they are ready to fix it.

I think I found where the bug may be:

Halphia Lake.

I just cleared out all 9 boxes, but it only registered 8/9. I checked the area a few more times, No red Boxes left in the area.

Can we say "Oops!" ?

@Riker1of3 I've run into the same issue on Halphia Lake! I've combed the area 10 times now, I know I found all 9 boxes but only will register 8/9.

I can't finish the mission due to a puzzle box that won't activate in Central Aelio.