[NGS] Meseta gone

I grinded approximately 93000 meseta in vanford laboratory ruins with a party of strangers that I made. I checked I had 93000 meseta (I was grinding for 100k and I had alpha reactors to sell), then I left the party then I fast travelled to the central city's ryuker device and then... My menu said I had approximately 68000 meseta. I just wanted to report this, I don't have a photo or video or anything.

I did lose all that meseta and had to grind it for it again.

Wow, I really just encountered this glitch again and lost 15000 meseta randomly while grinding in the laboratory

This is consistent. Going from the field into the city in ANY WAY causes this. Teleporting out of the city, or from field to field doesnt seem to result in meseta-loss. But even entering the city by foot makes you lose meseta.