This is mainly feedback regarding the 1100 BP-recommended story quest.

You can have enough battle power to enter this quest at around level 10, following the in-game guidance to enhance gear to max and gain as many skill points as you can. But at this level, you will deal significantly decreased damage to the enemies, causing the final battle sequence to feel difficult and frustrating. On top of that, there is only one checkpoint at the very beginning of that sequence.

What was the purpose of trying to raise my battle power to progress, if I would still be penalized for being a lower character level? Battle power is so important for progressing and joining new content, but it feels meaningless to follow the guidance to raise it, if my time would have been better spent raising my character level.

I want the game to decide whether it actually cares about BP or not compared to character level. Or just lock me out of the story quest and actually have me raise my character level to what they want. Don't make me guess.