Explored % and Gathering

So after finally getting all the red boxes in Central Aelio, I noticed that the last gathering item on every single list is still unknown. Are these items even findable at the moment, or are they just super hidden? Has anyone 100% Explored a gathering area?

Very cool, ARKS. First, and foremost, wonderful performance on scouting! We are at the dawn of Day 3, and you managed to find something fun to think about.

I did not know there is a list. It reminds me of Dragon Quest XI. I will look into it, and get back to you, ARKS!

Chilling with Niko, Lulu, and Lolo, and I am laughing. Only thirty-nine percent complete, or explored. 8/31 Collectibles. I mean Collectables.

jk. It is spelled "collectibles".

Bump because this still hasn't been answered. Also unrelated question: Is there any point to using the Blaze Shot PA? Each hit seems to do the same damage as a normal attack, all you get is slightly more mobility.

I am currently in the same situation and trying to find answers. I have explored and collected everything available over and over while grabbing the red boxes, but there's one entry missing in gathering in all of the exploration zones. In all the screenshots I have seen on twitter where people celebrate collecting all the red boxes I have yet to see a single one who have collected the last gathering item so we're not alone.

As of now I personally think that it's supposed to be the 'Alpha Reactor' item, but a bug causes the progression system to not detect that it's been picked up. I think it's the most likely candidate since the way you get them is through gathering and they are found in all of the zones that have the ??? entry.

Edit (2021-09-18): I just noticed that I now have 100% collected. It was indeed the 'Alpha Rector' that was missing.

I'm having the same exact problem of not having a single gathering material found in every region/zone. I looked in North Aelio for at least an hour and couldn't find the last gathering material, so I assume something is bugging, it doesn't exist yet, or a known material isn't popping up in the map.