Error 640 only on OG PSO2 and only on main character

Hey there guys I was wondering if anyone was having the same issue where a certain character can login NGS perfectly fine but going onto the OG PSO2 will throw a 640 error.

-Tried multiple times, after restarting/verifying/tweaking firewall/etc. -Other characters on account join both NGS and OG perfectly fine -Did a clean reinstall

Pretty sure I ran through every step to troubleshoot it, and assuming it might be on the game's end rather than mind. Anyone else experience this? Thank you!

Experienced the 630 from trying to join PSO2 on my main too.

Been trying to login even on lower player hours, still no dice. Hope the support team can figure out why. My alt has been doing all the shopping and transferring cosmetics to my main on NGS.

I learned how to log on regular PSO2 from NGS. Take off ALL PSO2 looks from your character. I did this and I was finally able to join regular PSO2 from NGS and/or the main login menu.

Apparently this is also true in reverse. You cannot wear any PSO2 outfits if you try to log into NGS or it will simply refuse to connect you.

It actually worked wow, thanks a lot. Makes sense why my cast with PSO2 parts couldn't get back into regular, but my cast with NGS parts could hop between both.