Use materials directly from storage

Since we already have the option from most vendors to access our storage (generally to pull out materials required by the vendor), why not just skip this step and let us use them directly from our storage? I'm mainly talking about harvested items, grinds, chance bonsus and such. This would be a nice QoL improvement, especially with our tight inventories.

This is a function of the Material Storage you can buy from the SG Shop, with the exception of the Grind and Ability Boosters.

@AndrlCh Ah, haven't bought that yet. Does it apply only to harvested items, or to grinds and such as well?

@Steelwraith955 Anything that goes into the Materials tab of your Inventory, and with Premium you can set it so that those items bypass your Inventory and go directly in to Material Storage when in a Quest.

@AndrlCh Well, I know what my next SG purchase will be then. 😛

I've got an issue where my materials are not bypassing my inventory and going directly to my material storage. It makes me have to stop and manually push them over there from time to time which slows down the flow of the Urgent Quests when items are exploding all over the place. Anyone know how to fix this?

@Millgiass If you are on the Steam version, the translation is inverted. You need to set it to "Don't Use"

@Frost-Soar Oh really? That's weird.... Okay I'll try it.