N-Meseta Disappearing on fast-travel

When fast-traveling via the map after grinding some meseta out in the field (and using the quick-sell-item option extensively), upon arrival your meseta will roll back down to what it was before you started.

The one to notice this was my friend, at first they thought they were seeing things, then they certainly made sure it was happening, and finally I managed to shadowplay a clip of it happening from their discord stream since they don't have access to Shadowplay / Nvidia Share.

The clip in question is uploaded to a google drive here.

From the clip you can see them teleport from the Labs back to town after running through it for another good while, them opening their info screen before and after the TP, and upon arrival their Meseta has gone back down to around 2k from around 24k.

-No, the meseta did not automatically get transferred to Meseta Storage, it was empty each time they checked it.

-The meseta did not come back even after re-launching the game completely. Once it's gone, it's gone.

-The clip has not been edited in any way other than muting the audio and cutting off any irrelevant footage before and after the clip. No video has been cut from between the start and end of the video itself.

Now that I know this is a thing, I must admit I feel like I've been arbitrarily losing meseta every now and then even though I could've sworn I didn't do anything with it in-between, and this might be why.

I stronly advice people to constantly monitor their meseta count and take a shadowplay clip if they notice any discrepancies or want to double-check nothing's happened to it between switching areas.

In case you do notice something, please submit your findings not only to SEGA but also to this thread. This needs to be fixed ASAP and any meseta lost to be reimbursed to the players.

My guess is that whatever meseta you earn through the inventory quick-sell button just gets deleted when you fast-travel for some reason, the little meseta you get as drops may or may not be affected.

As to what causes this bug to happen in the first place is unknown, maybe a combination of things including the huge lag spikes we still have even after the last maintenance.

Keep an eye out, tell your friends and your alliance members, get this info out there so that other players can start looking out for this issue as well and lets hope SEGA fixes it soon.

It sucks to lose a whole day's Lab meseta grinding progress just randomly when you fast-travel back to town.

To add to this: even going into the city on foot i just lost a portion of my n-meseta. Traveling out of the city, or staying within the outer fields (eg. going from west aelio to the forest) doesnt seem to result in losses, at least from what i tested.

@Masti This could be a sync lost of data. If you happen the be on a laggy overcrowd ship.

This is happening to me too and I currently do not have enough money to do the multi-weapon quest. So I literally cannot progress with the main story since all the Meseta I'm grinding out on the field is disappearing every time.

This seems to only be a problem with the Meseta I get on the field, and the daily/weekly quests meseta rewards seem to be fine. The Meseta also disappears if you just travel to another area on foot, not just teleporting. At least, that is my experience with it. I went from the Lab to Central Aelio on foot and still lost Meseta. No matter how long you wait in the area before teleporting, the Meseta will disappear. I was afk in an area after grinding some Meseta and I came back after a shower, teleported, and the Meseta still disappeared.

Hope my info was helpful and this gets fixed soon lol. At least we know that they know this is a thing and presumably working on it. Just gotta wait. https://ngs.pso2.com/news/announcements/announcement06131

I am having the same issue, I've lost 100k+ Meseta over the last two days, I cannot progress my character as i cannot afford gear upgrades. Like others have said, it resets when changing zones and fast traveling