New Genesis: How to use Talis? Can't figure out how to deploy it

Sorry if this is the wrong section, it looks like the NG forums are not up yet. I am currently trying to figure out how to use the Talis in NG. I kind of understand the rings around my player and how to augment spells. But I can't figure out how to deploy my talis and remotely cast spells. This is what I have figured out:

Normal Attack: Just shoots a ranged attack.. Nothing fancy

Convergence Shot: Creates a ring around my player with 3 cards facing forward. This modifies all of my elemental spells to shoot long distance/single target

Spread Shot: Has two phases. If you hit spread shot and wait, it will create three cards in front of you for a second (phase 1), then immediately change into a full ring of cards surrounding you.

Phase 1: If you interrupt Spread shot before it gets to phase 2 it creates a ring around my player with 3 cards spread out in front of me. This modifies all of my elemental spells to shoot long distance, but in 3 separate paths ahead. Good for hitting multiple creatures at range, or easier to hit weakpoints?

Phase 2: If you let Spread Shot fully deploy, it ends with cards fully surrounding you. This modifies all spells to blast a short range AoE around your person. Good for being in the middle of a lot of mobs and hitting everything close range?

Weapon Action: If pressed, creates a card in the sky that shoots nearby enemies constantly from that location, regardless of where you move to afterwards. If held, creates 3 cards in the sky that also shoots the enemy, but also cancels any ongoing talis augment? But no matter what I do, I can't figure out how to deploy my talis somewhere, and shoot spells out of it? It just kind of auto shoots the normal weapon attack?

From what I understand, the ability to deploy a talis to remotely cast techniques is a feature exclusive to the original PSO2. the NGS talis is a different beast entirely. The NGS talis features are exactly how you described. You can't remotely cast techniques, but the photon arts allow you to alter your techniques to really pour out the DPS while PP lasts.

The only other thing I observed with the NGS version is that Barta Blot and Zonde Clad don't work with talis PAs deployed, but still work when techniques are used without either of the PAs.

Yep talis does not work like it did in old pso2 instead of throwing it and casting from far range it has different attack modes now. [single target or close range AOE that do not trigger barta blot/zonde clad]