Dash Rappy Pack

Soooo.. Against my better judgement I bought the "Start Dash Rappy Edition" for PSO2: NGS for Xbox One. I bought like a full 24+ hours ago and I never received the items in-game. I checked the "Purchase/Recurve Benefits" section in the System Options in NGS and in the Visiphone of PSO2.

I've already submitted a ticket, buuuuuut I'm not confident in getting a reasonable response in a reasonable amount of time. I just wanted to know if anyone else is having this issue and if there might a simple solution or something I'm missing. If not I'll just have to wait for a solution from the support team.

PSO2 Team is using this as an excuse to study our psychographics. They... their great parents... used to party with the White Boys, and totally about that misfortune on others experiment.

It breaks our hearts, each and every time. le sigh