Deepest apologies. It seems the issue has been resolved. Clearing the dust has so far prevented any crashes. I thought something was amiss when I couldn't hear or feel the computer fans moving. I will stop watching this thread of mine. Thanks for your time.

(Old post is reserved below only for reference.)

The game seems to play well enough for maybe 5 minutes (10 at best) before the screen freezes, and then the graphics just shut down entirely, even on a setting of 3 (recommended setting is 5, by the way). As in, the monitor just goes black and I get a "No Signal", though I hear the game sound/music still going.

Computer goes completely unresponsive, so I restart it. What did SEGA do to this thing? I can play Monster Hunter World and World of Warcraft just fine, and before the NGS release, PSO2 used to play without any graphical issues.

I'm playing this on Steam, for reference. Any helpful tips would be appreciated.

Actually, disregard for now. I'm gonna check to see if it crashes again. Just checked inside my PC, and it looked like it needed some dusting. So I took care of that and I will try to play a bit later tonight.