Is it just me or the new models look bad?

@Monkeypasta said in Is it just me or the new models look bad?:

I feel ya, it's hard to make mature looking faces ( nevermind the lack of makeup options, facial hair for the guys,etc). The poly count might be higher, but it's hard to break away from the creepy eyed, pouty face children. Hopefully we get some more different templates or more control over the eyes.

We're just missing facial hair, we can get the rest done if you're good at it. But walking around central city I see mostly Monsters. Dolls? Nah nah, I'm gonna hunt ugly arks.

@Kofi9867 well, no but I thought it was cuz I was trying to make my lips bigger and I hated how it looked. i was comparing ngs character creator to other mmos in my head.

@CalvinaCoulange Yes they did surprisingly.

My character ended up looking like Isabelle Fuhrman. I'm not complaining.