Is it just me or the new models look bad?

I was expecting the faces to look "meh" as they were advertising them it looked like a budget transition from 2d anime to 3d, inspired by Michael Jackson's face, and that was fine as long i could use the old faces. But the release date came and now all i see is slendermen on the city, is it just me? And the surprise i got on the salon! How awful! i like my characters to look healthy with a fine amount of skin over their bones, but the new models looks like a downgrade even if its more polygons. Have been using the old body and old costumes because it feels so unsettling to look at those new models. Am i alone in this? And the scratch! Geez! Did the artist lead ran away or something?


Just you.

pso20210611_223141_001.jpg True, as long as we can hide the ugly with cast parts.

@Kofi9867 I thought i couldn't make a black character but i'm glad you proved me wrong 😆

No, new model and faces are far superior to old ones. You just need practise and having good tastes.

I simply had to desync old and new bodies. My old is perfection, but new synced with it was gawful, so I desynced and did the new manually.

I’m still using old model atm, mainly cause none of the new outfits interest me atm. I also run a clone of Matoi, and we don’t have the right makeup or eye lashes to do an accurate ngs model of her yet

Just you bro, the NGS model looks great

The only thing that I found different was the thorax (it looks like a toilet paper tube and has less details such as the lack of the scapula, the mid-stomach line, I think another couple of things I don't remember) and the chest (it's less round and more droopy), the others proportions can be achieved with patience.

and the other thing is that when the new model sits down (sit 1 or 2, I don't remember) a tumor appears on its backxd

NGS model is better overall. Its just jankey at first, because of the sync to the old model. The face is usually mostly fine, shape wise, but the nose and eyes always need to be reworked. Once they are reworked, it looks fine. The body is the same way. If you didn't have thicc thighs, (intentionally mispelled) because you made your legs balanced in size while playing base PSO2, the hips in the new model, look like your character is starved. You just make the legs thicker, and manually play around with the thigh, and calf size sliders. The only thing that bugs me are the base iris selections. The eyes we get at the start aren't to my personal tastes, but the ones in the scratch I'm trying to get. The long road to 500k meseta is long.

Edit: Here's my re-creation of Meracle from Star Ocean. I had a version of her for my older model, but decided to update her when I saw the new options. Point is the new models require you to rework them from any synced model you may have, and requires your patience.


Edit 2: She's still a work in progress, as I'm still trying to figure out how to best utilize the new sliders, to get the exact proportions overall, but if you Google the character, I think I got her pretty close to tri-Ace's work.

I feel ya, it's hard to make mature looking faces ( nevermind the lack of makeup options, facial hair for the guys,etc). The poly count might be higher, but it's hard to break away from the creepy eyed, pouty face children. Hopefully we get some more different templates or more control over the eyes.

it not look "as good" as there not as much shadow and smaller details on the models.

I am mostly surprised they kept the height limits in the global version.

So the height limit is there, but they did restore the actual appearance of basic cast basewear and Harriette Battlewear.


Are black characters impossible to make or something?