Material Respawns

The Material in South Aelio have not respawn for me in 2 days I gathered most of then the day of launch on 6/9/2021 but then when I got back on the game after reset on the 10th I only had 3 nodes in the entire area after searching around for almost 2 hours. Now again today on 6/11/2021 I have seen no nodes at all and its been 2 resets since I first gathered them. I am being gated now because I just got the quest to collect materials in south aelio and its been 2 days and I still haven't been able to complete the quest since none of my materials are respawning. I've also seen video proof of other people who gathered up the same areas I have that check them right before reset and they were empty and went back right after reset and most of their nodes were reset. I don't know what to do at this point because its been 2 day and I'm still not able to finish this quest.

Having the same problem. I need the materials to upgrade my equipment. I hope they fix this soon.

The gathering nodes are working as intended. Read this heading on the following link: About the frequency rate for the appearance rate of Gathering (Minerals)

They basically want the upgrade process to be gradual, not quick

@Ragnawind my nodes haven't respawned since launch day. This will be 3 days now that I haven't been able to collect resources. I have seen videos were nodes have respawned on server reset.

@Ragnawind its been 4 days for me without a respawn its defiantly a bug because i asked other people in my alliance and they are all getting their daily resets. Also they would not put gathering as a daily mission if they were not suppose to reset daily.. it is just bugged for some people and it need to be addressed asap because it a huge botltleneck to progression

@adeltor24 Beware, server lag will cause collectables to not spawn visually. It sometimes will not load when running around and passing by spawn spots. It is wise to use task "focus" in collecting dailies. Heavy Traffic Ships may cause spawning issues.

Every 24 hours starting at 5 am PST, collectables should spawn; they won't spawn in the whole zone. Just the spots where they are found and it completely random on where they spawn.

@Commander-Rass yes i had the quest focused for 3 days and it was not highlighting any of the nodes in any of the spot that i collected the first day i also ran around the entire zone for about 3 hours to look for new node spawn areas and nothing i think my game might be bugged because i am the only person in my alliance having this issue where its been multiple days of no respawns at all

@adeltor24 What Ship you on and Platform?

Ships 1 & 2 having the most issues and Steam version had some issues.

[ngs] same for me 3 and 4 ships no mineral respawn in all cave at South Aelio , West Aelio is the same, Altoliani plateau 2 mineral and 3 mineral spawn on north rivers Central Aelio in 48h. all yellows items for gathering as low or no respawn in the all map only 5 tree respawn fruit in 48 h. and is worse if you play whit another caractère on another ship. my first caractère on ship 2, tone of mineral, new one on ship 4, 50% mineral missing 2 big cave at south aelio whit 0 mineral and no mineral on west and central Aelio in 72h. and for the tree 80% 0 fruits and no respawn ect....

To let you know, I had no issues completing today collectables. As I said before, collectables may not visually spawn because of lag and crowded instances. Task Focus also have a 200ish range and won't just appear for whole zone.

@Ragnawind but even tho the devs want it to be gradual, if you dont have the opportunity to farm "farming-Materials" wich u need to have in order to even consider reaching the end-game, why even impliment it in the first place? you could also use like 500.000 Meseta to potential Break a weapon. still hard to get but at least you have a goal ahead and something to focus on.

lets be 100% real, if a grinder Game, wich PSO2: NG is, doesnt provide the option to grind for equipment why should i even play it?

if i need to lock in every 4 days just to receive 5 Trinite, that would equal almost a Month for a low weapon tier upgrade

dumb move in my opinion and i love grinder games. if the spawn rates stay this low and we wont get a reasonable way to progress towards the current end-game, many many players will jump off the Game

waiting to progress is pretty much BS in my opinion, give me the opportunity to grind for it

@adeltor24 Try logging on from 30 minutes to 1 hour before daily reset is on and just staying in Central city. Do not leave your game on for 24 hours. Do not go to classic PSO2. Do not move out of Central City. Just stay in Central city from 4:00 AM PDT / 7:00 AM EST to 5:30 AM PDT / 8:30 AM EST. Afterwards log out and log back in and check to see if there are more materials spawning around.

yo i had same problem as op and i lowkey think they changed a lot of thing yesterday cuz the nodes started respawning for me yesterday and today.

I'm on day 6 with no mineral respawns.

I doubt this is the "feature" they intended. This is bugged.

found a further issue. For me, nodes are account bound, but my friend can swap between characters and fucking get everything again. Im honestly pissed cuz I now feel really far behind cuz of their own fuck up. And how the fuck is account specific like that? No. Fucking. Clue.

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