What Rod should I be farming for?!?!

What's up Force Fan!

About to launch my adventure into Super Hard and I know up to this point most of the gear I'm getting is replaceable. Now that I've reached the highest tier stuff what weapon should I be going for?

Is it something purchased with badges or should I be grinding a particular mission?

I see the stuff from the Unique shop and I'll be honest the Cadeus brings back so many memories!

What should be on my hunting agenda?!?!?!

Hey, I have the same question, what would be the best Rod options in late game for us to pursue?

get the psycho wand from the badge vendor for now. But trust me RNJesus is not good in this game. I have multiple classes above 60 and have never got got a 13 star to drop. I had to buy a 13 star weapon so make that meseta.