816 and how to contact PSO2/SEGA official support?

Hi.. So.. On the 9th I had a problem with my Steam account being limited for unfounded reasons, and today they answered me and finally restored everything to normal.. or so I though. I can't login in PSO2 as it pops out the n.816 message... How can I reach the official PSO support? The link on the website keeps redirecting me to the new NGS homepage... Is there anything else I can do?

EDIT: I tried writing to SEGA support, and to wrap up what they told me was: "You have to contact the PSO2 support from the website, there's no other way". So the problem now is.. We just wait until the website gets fixed and stops redirecting to the NGS homepage?

EDIT 2: It seems maybe it was just a matter of time after they restored my Steam account, I think. I can now login in PSO2 without any problem.

same boat, waiting for a reply.

also there is a topic on steam forum with people having the same issue about chargeback on june 6th

@Shiefal How long did it take?