Can’t keep keyboard pop up open…

Hey everyone,

For some reason on pso2(Xbox series X) when I try to put in my password for access to my personal shop, or searching for a friend…anything that brings up the keyboard for input, it closes instantly. I can mash the controller and the keyboard sometimes stays up but when I try to select a letter or number it closes automatically. Anyone at all having the same issue and/or know how to fix it?

It closes because it's stupidly still set to B to confirm and A to Cancel, like how most other Japanese PlayStation games have Circle to Confirm and X to Cancel. When you press B to open the keyboard it prompts it to open it, but if you have the button held down for too long, it prompts it to close it again. To fix it go to Options > Control Settings > Keybind Settings (Controller) > Window and swap the bindings for the Confirm and Cancels actions.