Can't create a new character

I had a character on ship 2 that I deleted two days ago, and it won't let me make a new character on ship 1. I have 3 characters now, and I used my 500 free ac to buy an extra slot so I should have 4 total, but when I go to make a new character it prompts me to buy more AC. It said I have to wait 24 hours for character deletion and it's been about 40.

Did you buy the 4th character before your other character was deleted?

There is a flaw in the system that it warns about. If you have 3 characters and delete one, but then make another right away, it will require spending AC for a new slot, since you still have 3 characters on the account. Every single time you want to make a 4th character, you need to spend AC. If you already spent money on making a 4th character and then delete one of them, you have to spend AC again to make a 4th character again.