Hyper Sensitive Camera in NGS

I'm experiencing an issue where my mouse sensitivity is sometimes really sensitive. When moving my screen in both Standard or Over-The-Shoulder mode, the screen will sometimes jerk and move the camera really fast and its getting on my nerves because I can't control my camera properly as a result.

I'm thinking it might be related to frame rate issues, as it occurs less when I have consistent frames in places such as Cocoons and Towers, but its a New Genesis related problem. My mouse works fine for other FPS and TPS shooters, and it works perfectly fine in base PSO2. This was a problem for me during the NGS CBT2 and Global CBT, but now the screen jerking has gotten a bit worse with official release.

I've tried changing the sensitivity, changing graphics settings, and changing the setting for Mouse Rotation Correction to all sorts of values; nothing works.

I've tried looking up the problem, but I can't seem to find anyone with a similar problem. Any recommendations on fixes? CPU: i5-7600K (not overclocked) RAM: 16GB DDR4 2400MHz GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060

Thanks in advance!


After the emergency maintenance, my game fixed itself. Sensitivity was completely normal, I didn't change a thing. After 6/15 maintenance though, its back to being as hypersensitive as ever. Its completely unplayable. What happened? I don't know the fix.

I believe it may have something to do with the game believing my mouse is a controller; it sort of acts like it is. Its as if my mouse had super high mouse acceleration, with moving quickly similar to moving the right stick on a controller to the maximum. This doesn't work though, as I don't have a controller plugged in and uninstalled vJoy device as well.

Having this exact same issue on my end, haven't been able to fix it by changing any of the settings either.

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Current mouse sensitivity implementation is linked to FPS. The lower your frame rate, the faster your mouse sensitivity. The higher your frame rate, the lower your mouse sensitivity. Example: 60 fps is a lot more sensitive than 165+ fps. If your FPS fluctuates or you put on the "unrestricted" setting, your mouse sensitivity will constantly change and will feel inconsistent. There are constantly dropped inputs with the current implementation. If you want this to change change, probably send the PSO2NG support a ticket about this.