How do you make money/get higher BP in NGS

I legit cant seem to make any money to do any meaningful item enhancements, red chests long ago stopped giving me money and now just give me 10 SG or whatever, Im capped at 1050 BP so I cant even freaking finish my weekly for the money, and I have no idea how to increase my BP higher.

the hell do I do? this mode seems to be lacking a lot of things.

Have you tried getting more skill points? Each skill point used gives you a few more BP too.

@Blanchimont cant fucking do it when I dont have enough BP

Towers and cocoon don't need bp. They only give you a suggested BP, but you can enter whenever you want, and most of them can easily be cleared even at low levels and gear

@Kobaltium well im not easily clearing them a lot of those monsters seem to take forever to kill

Money aside from the red chests is primarily gotten through farming PSE bursts and taking on the urgent quests. You can raise your BP by getting all the skill points, max grinding your gear, affixing augments, and leveling up.

Easiest way to increase you bp if you’re short on funds, is to grab some cheap 12* units and 14* weapons from base pso2, and grind them out. Those plus all your skill points in both main and sub should give you enough bp to get into UQs

Unleashing Weapon Potentials and Limit Breaking is a good way to get you BP up. If you want money you can hunt for red chests. They often give you either 10 SG or 10,000 N-meseta (whatever they call the currency now) If you find alpha cores in the ground they sell well too.

finally clawed my way to 1190