[NGS] Unable to withdraw items from personal shop (Error 2106)

(Note: I'm aware this has been happening for a couple hours now but no one has given it a post here)

Description: Shortly after emergency maintenance, the NGS personal shop became unusable. Aside from being unable to purchase items (which returns a generic error), trying to withdraw an item that was listed before today's emergency maintenance from my personal shop returns error 2106.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Using an account with premium and if not listing an item already, list an item on the personal shop.
  • Attempt to withdraw an item listed in the personal shop

Expected result: The listed item is taken out of the personal shop and placed in the user's inventory.

Actual result: The game returns error 2106

Proof of bug: 5209cdb3-e2ea-43cc-ba23-c06464cf5758-image.png

Update 1: Added that it only affects items that were listed before emergency maintenance.

In my case and a friends it appears this only is the case to items placed before maint, unsure if they can even be purchased either as they may be the cause of the unable to purchase error some people getting


Nice catch. I had both an item in my shop that was listed before and after maintenance. The one that I listed after I was able to withdraw.

Same problem here, I lost half of my personal shop slots.

Same issue here, I can confirm that it only affects item I've placed pre-maintenance, and that they can't be seen/bought off from the shop either. Please help us ASAP as it's eating lots of slots for sales!

@Moofey This problem is aware by the Dev team. https://twitter.com/play_pso2/status/1403762957092147201?s=20

I think, it has to do with servers having data delay and data time outs. It bad on heavy traffic ships.

I have same problem too. Please fix this problem.


Okay iam not alone, same problem here ._.

It looks as if they might have fixed it. One of the things that I've had in my shop pre-maintenance sold a couple hours ago.

@Moofey I still have a problem.


Well... 15 Slots actually wasted cause of items i cannot withdraw. 30/30, i need my slots T_T