OMG Meseta sellers bots are here already -_-

They are already here...I hope you guys have a better way to stop them or at least a bigger block list. I can't find find the guy as "near people" doesn't show them ....what a PITA......

![alt text] url)

he is up there the "nearby char" can't find him....

![alt text] url)

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After I managed to throw him down to the floor he stopped spamming ( because everyone can get him now easily ) 😏 👮

@ShinoKoba well you can send the bot a party invite an it breaks them for good while

This early they're just after personal info. You can't even trade meseta anymore. The player shop prices will easily be noticed by Sega by the botters.

For some reason there were minimal if any RMT spammer on JP servers, while on NA/Global, it was as if they had official sanction and you could often find 4-5 RMT spammers in the lobby at any given time.

Honestly I'm not hopeful they will do anything at all in NGS. Soon we will all be disabling all cut-ins, disabling symbol arts, and permanently set our chat display to party/alliance only.

I'm not even sure how they can scam people this time around since trading doesn't exist. I suppose you could claim that they would be trying to get people to give them their account info but i'm not sure how that would benefit them. Plus i'd like to believe people aren't actually gullible to fork over their account info this day and age.

@kztm said in OMG Meseta sellers bots are here already -_-:

For some reason there were minimal if any RMT spammer on JP servers, while on NA/Global, it was as if they had official sanction and you could often find 4-5 RMT spammers in the lobby at any given time.

That's how it works in japanese game as a service games. Japan first, everyone else not second but they're there somewhere sending them support to make the game better for the japanese playerbase.

As long as people wilfully ignore it, it is what it is. Of course if they stop ignoring it, the company will probably pull the plug on support (what little there is) for the rest of the world, so...yeah.

If you think this is racist, you should see how most of the japanese players treat people who aren't from japan. It's ugly.

They've stopped mostly the chat spams and have moved onto symbol arts. I've seen a few now that are either hiding on the map away from main street or standing by the ryuker spamming the ads for a few minutes before changing blocks.

@Ouzbel1753 Yeah honestly I had already turned off symbol arts when the game started (because well people abuse it for nude symbol arts) so I wouldn’t have even known about bots using SAs.

I have have been reporting the bots and blocking their SAs (5-6 per day), and it seems like each bot uses their own SA for the scams, this is worse than the old /toge spamming bots.

Theyre everywhere. shouldnt be a surprise

People need to start report spamming these bots or they will not go away, its getting worse since they either stay near the teleporter to block hop, or are parked halfway up the main building in the city.

Some try to hide themselves in weird, hard to get places so we can't report/block them. But it's funny (for a bit) seeing people trying to find them (myself included) to block/report them. I still wonder what's the point for the doing it in NGS ...since there is no trade. And I seriousuly hope no one in their sane state of mind actually tries to use them.

We need a report-and-block one-click solution. It's unwieldy at the moment to have to click on the bot, click on "misc", click on "report", click-click to select "spam", type in "rmt spam", click on send, then click on player, click on "misc", click on block player. That's 9 clicks and some typing to report just one bot.

No wonder so many people just give up and disable symbol arts. Yes, SEGA, US Global, whatever your official name is: I know at least 17 other players who have completely turned off symbol art because of how RMT spam is being tolerated with no official word on it, nor show of real action against it.

A one-click solution, if implemented, would need to work on chat messages and symbol art.

They seem to have shifted back to text spamming, but that it already getting auto-filtered.