Personal Shop [No. 2106] - Unable to withdraw item(s)

got the same thing happening

I verified with one of my alliance members that it is not working.

They can only see my new listings (listings created after maintenance ended today). My listings prior to maintenance I cannot withdraw, and other people cannot see them to buy them as a workaround.

New listings can be withdrawn, though.

Everyone is short sale slots on their shop by an amount equal to how many listings they had prior to maintenance.

In my case, I can only use 5 out of 30 slots. Please fix!!!

I'm having the same issue, 12 slots wasting away ;/ it's a shame! Hopefully it gets fixed soon because it's really terrible that things are not working as they should

I'm having the same issue and was hoping this was resolved after maintenance. This is really awful given that prices of the things I put up are now not even worth a fraction of what they were at the time I could have sold them w/o this happening. I have 5 slots free out of 30 =/

Can confirm, same issue here, thankfully only a handful of item slots lost for me. But doesn't lessen the fact this is causing problems for both buyer and seller alike.

ya so any items that were up for sale at time of maintenance are now locked. you cant buy them or remove them from market.... rly hoping this gets fixed soon as i tend to keep my shop full and only have a couple slots open now. any new items listed post maintenance can be purchased or removed

this also appears to have affected any augment enhancement chance boosters you had before as well as they are now unusable.

It's kind of crazy that it still isn't fixed 😕

@Shiro-0 said in Personal Shop [No. 2106] - Unable to withdraw item(s):

It's kind of crazy that it still isn't fixed 😕

Unless the JP servers are also experiencing this issue, it's probably considered low priority

I have same problem too. Please fix it.


Same problem here...

SEGA already knows about it, its currently under investigation. Add this to the growing list of bugs and issues that needs to be squashed.

Considering personal shops is a paid feature and i'm locked out of it (i had all my slots full before maintenance) i am just asking for a refund on the premium month. They can remove the rest of it and delete my account for all i care if that's how they plan to treat customers.