Personal Shops: unable to complete purchase?

Anyone able to buy anything from Personal Shops (player shops) at all? I keep getting the "unable to complete purchase" error.

Or has anyone with Premium Set managed to make a sale?

What's going on with Personal Shops?

I get the same issue as well. I'm assuming it's because in PSO2 normally you have to enter in a pin code to unlock the ability to buy from the shop. That's not available in NGS/ or shows up. I tried going to PSO2 block put in my code go back to NGS and I was able to buy something.

Ah thank you. Shopping is now the only available content in-game because of the lag being just as bad as it was before maintenance. 😞

I had this problem yesterday, but then when a new, cheaper item was listed, I was able to buy it. I believe what'd happened is the shop is listing items that are already sold somehow, and if you try purchase them obviously it fails.

I have a premium set and have been getting items sold just fine, so it's definitely working from a seller's perspective.

@Ryuujin I think the problem is you were trying to buy an item that was put up before the emergency maintenance that happened, shop owners cant even remove them so I would not be surprised if they also cant be purchased.

@Vashzaron Ohhh, yeah that'd definitely explain it. Wow thats a doozy.

As long as those items are in the system it's depressing the price of the market since people will try undercut them but can't actually buy them. Nevermind the shopkeepers with reduced ivnentory capacity

Getting the same issue with this, all I wanted to get was a Armor Unit