Can't equip outfits

I didnt play pso2 before ng came out but wanted to go and get some outfits from pso2, so I started playing pso2 and did some scratch offs and got some outfits out of it. Well now I cant equip said outfit and I was quite stumped but I ended up unequiping my current outfit that i started with in ng, now I cant even equip that. Its all just grayed out and plays an error noise when I try to equip any of it. Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something?

You now have to visit the salons to change out outfits.

Unsure why they went an arbitrary route, but that is the direction they went.

@Viola-Lance Well, thank you for that. That let me reqeuip what I had originally on however the outfit I got from the scratch off dosent show up in the salon. Any ideas? Edit: Actually nevermind, using the salon once has allowed me to equip the outfit normally. I'm unsure as to why that fixed it but its all good now. Thank you for your assistance

Quick rundown:

Outfits from PSO2 are costumes that take up inventory space that you have to equip.

Outfits from NGS are all ticket consumption items now. They no longer take space and have to use salon to equip them. That or go to the fashion bar in-game.