Cannot log in PSO2 - But I can log into PSO2 NGS.

I can load into the NGS game fine, but I cannot load into the original PSO2. My other characters can, but my main one cannot. It just immediately disconnects me without loading me.

@HAAARRRRRRY Same thing happens to me except I can’t get into New Genesis on my main character, but my other two can log in just fine

@HAAARRRRRRY sounds like a glitch I don't have any trouble switching between games, file a bug report

Had the same issue all day today...until now. It's a glamour issue. The last thing I remember doing was messing with my glamour. After that, I couldn't log into NGS. (I could log into PSO2 just fine however)

the solution was to unequip ALL glamour and relog. Game's back up and running now. i was going to comment here right before i figured out the fix.

EDIT: I specifically had glamour on that could not be transferred to NGS. When I found that out, I switched to another glamour that was transferrable. Still couldn't log in.

You have to fully unequip, not swap.

EDIT 2: I made a video replicating the error and a solution to fixing it.