How Pso2 ngs will run with ryzen 3400 using just the integrated graphics

So i star building my first pc because the pso2 ngs launch but the problem are the overprices of the gpu so the best option right now is just buy a ryzen 5 3400g, have any one play this game with the integrated graphics, thanks for reading.

@Pumpkin Relying on the 3400G's integrated graphics will give you graphics performance around equal to if you were using something as old as an Nvidia GT 1030 graphics card. There are comparison videos on YouTube demonstrating this equivalence.

Of course, that performance falls far below the official requirements for NGS, so I would not recommend trying to rely on integrated graphics.

Will it run? Yes.

Will it run like warm swamp poo? Most likely. Prepare for massive frame stutter and screen tearing.

I would highly consider getting a discreet graphics card for this game,(check the requirements and see if you can find something you can afford that will meet minimum specs at least) even though AMD's integrated graphics solutions are some of the best in it's class.

Perhaps try to find something used on like Ebay if you can't buy what you want new?