CBT rewards distribution?

I was wondering if anyone else ever received their beta rewards. I could swear I saw someone use that stamp from the rewards on live now so I believe those should be doled out. However I never received mine.

Now, it would be easy to say, "Did you link your accounts if you're not using Microsoft" and the answer is yes, because I played at classic launch on MS, and linked to Steam to move there due to the update shenanigans Microsoft had since launch, so I've been linked since August last year. Also I did complete all of the reward goals, and I've seen nothing in the campaign box.

What are your experiences looking like at the moment? I'm hoping they don't really expect us to go login with an MS version again to claim this stuff though I had heard from one person elsewhere having issues that didn't work for them either.

I was about to mention something similar. I did the CBT and the requirements, but I haven't received anything of the sort from my time on it.

7/07 is when all recent campaign rewards and CBT rewards are getting distributed.

Regarding the Closed Beta Test Participation Rewards

We plan to distribute the Closed Beta Test rewards to players who have logged in by July 7 with the Xbox Live account they used to participate in the Closed Beta Test, at the end of Scheduled Maintenance on July 21 (Wed).
For details about the participation rewards, please check here:
*All rewards for PSO2:NGS Closed Beta Test participation will be distributed to the Xbox Live accounts that were used to participate.
*If you have a Steam or Epic Games account, please link your account with an Xbox Live account before the official launch of PSO2:NGS.

Copy/pasted from here (on the bottom): https://ngs.pso2.com/news/maintenance/maintenanceend20210611

Link for the rewards: https://pso2.com/news/announcements/CBTtest0607#A

Oh nice thanks for finding that

That's pretty strange. Because I actually have my Steam account linked to my Xbox, yet I never received my rewards. I tried to go on the 7th, but and as we all know PSO2 isn't very friendly towards us EST players unfortunately. 😆 And... When I tried to log in, that's when the NGS maintenance started.

I don't think it's fair that for people who logged in late to not receive their rewards at all. Even after they have completed all the participation requirements.

@HippyDipps July 7th, not june. Closed beta participants still have slightly more than 3 weeks to qualify. Also, rewards are being distributed on the 21st of july, as it says in the article posted by shinokoba.

@Vilrein Ohhh nevermind, I see. Thank you!