Bring back trading

They certainly need to add some form of selling items for free to play players, its something that really rubs me the wrong way.

A lot of their premium options are sort of justifiable but this one is just plain wrong.

Trading itself isn't that big a deal for me.

They should make it free to sell stuff in personal shop to players who are max lv, so for example in NGS it is lv 20, this isn't hard to get to, but it should slow down the bots at least, and then on the major update in december we'd have to get to lv 35 (max lv cap) to be able to trade again, making it harder still for bots to keep up, anyone agree? I think this is the best "happy medium" i could come up with. Needing max lv for trading is kinda sucky for new players, but they'll get there eventually, and this rewards real players who stick through with the game, while simultaneously screwing over the bots.

I think if they bring regular trading back, they should also have a separate listing option in the personal shop that's separate from the main listings, where people can list an item, but it can't be outright bought. Instead people can offer other items they're willing to exchange for it, and the person who listed it can choose which offer they want.

This would stop people from doing what they did in the past to set up offer trades. In the past people would purposely list items at prices no one could afford, because they wanted specific offers instead, and listed what they wanted in exchange in the listing description.

This is related to trading because of course the only way to do offers was by trading. I think this would be a good fix for this problem so that there are less cases of items being set to misleading prices because the person doesn't actually want anyone to buy it.

I guess this could also technically replace regular trading if they use the same system I suggested for N-Meseta to item (or vice versa too), as the person listing can also do this by only accepting offers by certain people they want to trade with.

There's a lot more wrong with the game right now than people needing to trade. Chances are, if trading was implemented tomorrow it would be bugged and people would be losing items and meseta all day long.

Don't misunderstand, I want to see all of the social features PSO2 possessed come back for NGS.. even though we SHOULD already have them all.. but before that, I want to see both the game and its servers stable to the point that crashes are basically non-existent and lag doesn't even happen during peak hours during a UQ.