Who's impressed with the new graphics and mechanics

I'm impressed at the amount of detail vs the pso2, the game lags on ship 1 but that was to be expected as nearly every floor was and has been full since opening day, I have spent a good amount of time playing leveling and just enjoying the new mechanics, all around great coding! I have tried breaking the game because it's enjoyable, completely free roam, I do miss my summoner, I do enjoy the skill tree, without question from an old school gamer I can say this edition to the pso family was very well imported from Japanese, alliances are fun but a hassle honestly, they seem to breed discontent which I'm seeing none of, mobs in some areas could be in greater numbers, overall I have no reason to dislike the game even the looting system seems to be well balanced.

Honestly, I'm loving it too.

The combat is fast-paced, but you're not 1-2 shotting enemies. From what I've seen, fights take some time but don't make me feel either overwhelmed or overpowered. (And that's a tough balance to hit.) And fighting in midair feels a lot more fluid and natural in this game than in "regular" PSO2. Even when not grouped, it's easy to assist or be assisted by other characters, and all participants get drops, so teamwork feels more natural.

And, well, exploring is just plain fun. The game feels like a bizarre cross between OG Aion and BoTW, and I'm liking it.

It's good so far. The open world is a nice change from the ship to "instanced" play from PSO2. My only concern is ongoing content to keep it feeling worth logging in.

But so far the story is paced well I think, I havent finished it. But im not sure how long the first story iteration takes.

the thing I love the most is the lack of constant "loading screens" between "instances"