Input Lag On xbox console.

I play on the xbox one x. There is a input lag from button press to start of command. It is different for different things. But it is most apparent in the healing items. It takes around 1.5 sec to use a healing item. But add the .5 sec input lag in and it can but up to 2.5 sec until you gain control of your character. This makes healing in boss fights problematic, as in you can't really do it in solo fights. You have to disengage to heal. Idk if this is intended. My guess is that it is a emulation problem. I understand you want some delay in healing. But close to 3 sec heal times is not allowing me to heal during fights.

Thanks and sorry.

Understandable. And don't be sorry, we like feedback. Would you mind submitting a ticket for this issue so that we have proper documentation on it? Go to the Support menu at the top of this page, select "contact us" and then "contact us now." You should then be in the general area to submit a ticket. Thank you!


Roger that filled it out for you all ty for the help